Friday, July 28, 2006

Paintball Field Positions: Back Player

The Back Player has a very important role in assuring a win for his/her team. Its not as much of a physical position as the front player but could possible be the most important position on the field.

The Back Player has many roles including giving his front players cover, stopping opposing players from moving, always knowing where all oponents are at all times and communicating that information with the rest of his team. Off the break you wont go very far, generally back players stay in the back bunkers, usually back left, right, or middle bunkers. They barely ever move. At the start of the game as a back you have the least distance to go to your bunker so firing off the break is not really a bad idea, just make sure you dont hit one of your front players darting upfield while your on the run. While running to your bunker take note in your mind where your opposing players are going, once there scan the field, know the field, know where everybody is. You will be at one bunker not moving usually the whole game, and that bunker is in the back, usually this means you dont have to play as tight as a front player you do have a bit more room to pop your head over the top or sides. You need to be aware of what is going on and communicate that information. Know where the opposing players are and tell your team. When a player on the opposing team moves tell your team, when they are eleminated tell your team, when one of your team members is eleminated tell your team, know whats going on and communicate because YOU have the best field position YOU must see everything. Another main role is you must do your best to stop opposing front players from moving. This means you will be shooting a lot, Back players should have a gun that can fire long distances, a trigger happy finger, and a boat load of paint because you will be using a lot. Back players fire at bunkers not even intending to hit a player sometimes just to keep them behind their bunker so they dont come out and move. A back player must be able to aid their front and mid players by giving them cover when moving and constantly warning them which opposing players have what angle on them and where they are. A good back player can control the way the other team moves and plays allowing their team to function more effectivly leading to wins.

Back Players should:

Have a gun that can fire long distances
Money for a lot of paint
Not be afraid to yell out positions of opposing players
Must be observe and be aware of all situations going on

Back player routs and bunkers.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Awesome Paintball Video!

A very cool paintball video. Mainly agressive players making pretty cool looking moves, hopping over bunkers, sliding, hoppers falling all over the place. Its a cool video to watch!

Paintball Field Positions: Front Player

So there are generally three different positions an organized paintball team should set their players up in. Those are front players, back players, and mid players. If all three positions are covered efficiently then you are almost guaranteed a win. A front player is very crucial to the team and does quite a bit of work, they require the most physical ability and are found right in the middle of all the action on field. On a 5 man team there are usually 2-3 front players.

As a front player you will get the most action. Chances are you will be very far up field, close to or even on you opponents side at most points in the game. As a front player you will be very active, moving a lot, speed is necessary especially off the break. As soon as the game starts front players MUST dart to a bunker far up field in or close to the center 50 (50 refers to mid field). Front players do get hit off the break more so than back or mid players but that bunker they grab far up field is almost nessasary for the win, especially if it is the snake. Since front players must run so far so fast right at the start of the game they should NOT fire off the break and focus on getting to where they must go. Let the back players fire off the break to give you cover. Front is a very hard position to play because it requires the most physical ability to play and also a very large amount of planning and making hard decisions very quickly. As a front, most likely you will get a lot of people out, and the biggest factor in achieving that goal is angle. Your angle on the opponent is possibly the most important factor in winning the game. Front players must be able to move constantly to always get a better angle on a particular target. This is not easy, as a front player, the opposing teams back players WILL be firing at your bunkers to keep you from moving, when you walk the field before the game try to predict where their back players will go, (usually the back left, right, or middle bunker) and try to keep stand up bunkers in between you and their line of fire to keep yourself safe from their constant streams of paint. Eliminating a player is crucial because it opens up another section of the field so your team can maneuver. Every move you make, it is necessary to check your 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock angles. When you have a horizontal angle on the opponent the use of their bunker is useless and they are sitting ducks. Front players must make that edgy move to the bunker right near an opponents to get a better angle. If you are at a bunker literally right next to him, his whole body will be open and it will be an easy out, ONLY if you make the initial attack, don't let him come to you or you will be done for.
To be a front player you must:

  • Have good to excelent running speed to run 40+ feet off the break with a few people shooting at you.
  • A smaller frame helps because this position is very physical and you will have to fit and move into very tight spaces and twist your body in different positions to get the best possible shot
  • Know how to crouch running (running while in a crouched position) is key to moving from bunker to bunker.
  • Have quick thinking
  • Rely on your teamates tremendously to move and plan your attack on a perticular opponent.
  • Never be afraid to get shot. Front player get shot A LOT if your shot out chances are not by one shot but usually three to four.
  • Play extremly tight in order to stay alive in the game. True front players are very agressive and offensive but unlike back players you are not behind a nice cozy bunker in the back you are mid field and almost everybody is targeting you play tight enough to stay alive.
  • Know WHEN to be agressive and WHEN to make that amazing move downfield that gets 2-3 opponents out.

The Red lines are the possible front man routs off the break. The dots are the possible bunkers front players should go to off the break. This is an official NPPL field layout. It doesnt seem far but all of those bunkers are located 40-50 feet away from the break. Along with that you must run around other bunkers to get to where you need to go upfield. Its a long run with 2-4 enemy back and mid players shooting at you.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Diablo Wrath Review!

Diablo Wrath:

Diablo, one of the most respeced companies when it comes to paintballs. This is one of their three markers available. The Diablo Wrath offers you a very good marker for a great price. It can range from around $200-$260 depending on weather you buy the LTD and where you buy it. Compared to its main comptetitor the Ion, this is much faster. The wraths board is capable of 20bps at the most. So for what you pay you get a pretty fast gun. The eye is nice, Dual Break Beam Eyes are very good to have. It does a nice job of not breaking paint. The Diablo Wrath is absolutely AMAZING on air, possibly one of the best. It will opperate on anything, low pressure HPA, high pressure HPA, and Co2. One tank will last longer on this gun than most others. It also comes with a nice regulater that works very well and it has a guage. I suggest using HPA in a tournament game because ripping this thing at about 12-14 bps in a game may end up freezing up the regulater. I was supprised that this gun is pretty accurate out of the box. I do like the stock barrel, its pretty long and is better than the Ion stock barrel, thoug barrel upgrades are nice to have but if your low on cash, you can get by with the stock barrel, its pretty accurate. The feedneck is nice as well. It really holds your hopper down well and I like it better than most. I do have a problem with the bolt on this gun, it is not derlin therefore it is a little heavy and it does kick quite a bit, more so than the Ion. It too comes in different colors.


-Very fast


-Works GREAT on air

-Good eye

-Great Feedneck


-Aluminum bolt, not derlin

-Uncomfortable Kick



Friday, July 07, 2006

Smart Parts Ion Review!

Smart Parts Ion:

  • The Ion gives you a lot for you money. Now I listed this in my initial post as a beginner marker. The reason for this is because of the price. With the price of a beginner marker, but the performance of a high-end marker, it is definitely a good buy for people who are serious about improving their game, but are low on cash. The Ion itself is black but many different body kits are available to change the color of your marker, 11 different colors are available. You may hear people complain about the Ion that it is week and made of plastic. It is actually polymer and isn't as week as people say it is. Out of the box it is fast and somewhat accurate and with some cheap upgrades can be turned into a tournament level marker. This marker almost never chops paint, the electric eye performs very well and does a supurb job of timing the bolt so it doesn't break the paintball. It also performs decently on air, your looking at about 1000-1400 shots on a 68ci 4500psi air tank. Ion is very light at only 2.2 pounds. It is very comfortable to hold and shoot with its light weight. The ramping board on this marker allows 17 bps with rebound which is pretty good for the price. The accuracy of this gun is quite impressive. Even with the stock barrel it performed very nicely. The feel of this gun would be perfect if it wasn't for the fact that it has a slight kick. Though very nice to hold and run with, when firing the kick of the gun can be annoying. Another problem I have with this gun is the fact that it is EVERYWHERE. Every field you go on you will find people playing with an Ion. Some people buy it as their first gun while others upgrade to it from their first gun. But performance wise it is a great gun for its price. The Ion is constantly compared to the Diablo Wrath ever since it went down in price. The Diablo Wrath can range from about $40-$60 more and is comparable to the Ion. The debate on which one is better for the money is a question that many Wrath fans and Ion fans argue about.

    -Awesome eye that times the bolt perfectly to never break paint.
    -Very lightweight
    -Ok on air
    -Fairly fast
    -Fairly accurate
    -Very good marker for the price
    -With upgrads can perform as well as $600 guns

    -The gun kicks
    -Competes with the Diablo Wrath
    -A lot of people have it
  • Specs:

    -Break-beam Vision Anti-Chop System
    -Low weight (2.2 pounds)
    -Custom marker casing (black/black, black/blue, black/red, black/yellow)
    -Electronic LED grip
    -Rebound, full auto, 3 round burst, and semi-automatic firing options
    -Magnetic trigger
    -Bottom-line adapter

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    No paintball =(

    Hurt my leg recently, so I wont be going to paintball this week. I hope its only a muscle pull but oh well. Anyways more info coming including gun reviews and tips to improve your game.

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Paintball Video!

    Huge paintball tourney!

    Monday, July 03, 2006

    Tippmann Upgrades

    Tippmann Werks Barrels in 3 different sizes

    Tippmann Pathfinder Barrel

    Tippmann Response trigger

    Expansion Chamber

    Drop Forward

    Double Trigger

    How to upgrade your Tippmann

    Ok lets face it, stock Tippmann's aren't that great. So if you find yourself buying a Tippmann 98 Custom then chances are you are going to upgrade it. A lot of people feel that the Tippmann 98 is the most upgradable gun out there. So if your a new player and you have a Tippmann you are probably wondering, how should I upgrade this thing?!?! Well after youve gone through all the upgrades below then you will find yourself with an AWESOME paintball gun, with the right upgrades Tippmann's can be amazing.

    1. The very first thing you should do to your brand new stock Tippmann is buy a new barrel. The stock barrel is horrible and upgrading to maybe a 14" barrel would be your best choice, and it will most likely increase your accuracy. With a decent price range of about $20-$40, I would suggest a Werks or a Pathfinder barrel.

    2. Response Trigger is another great upgrade for a Tippmann. These triggers are AMAZING. A response trigger will increace your rate of fire tremendously. It is a little button that is installed behind your trigger and when you pull off a shot, the trigger hits the "button" then firing off about 3-4 rounds depending on how long you hold the trigger and how much pressure you apply when pulling the trigger.

    3. The double trigger is another upgrade. Basically you can have two fingers (your index and middle finger) on the trigger instead of one. Since the Tippmann isn't electric you cannot walk it but with your response trigger behind it you will still have a decent rate of fire. In this situation, a double or single trigger is MOSTLY a personal preference.

    4. An expansion chamber is another suggested upgrade for your gun. Basically an expansion chamber will allow the liquid co2 in your tank to expand into a gas before entering your gun. This will increase the accuracy of your gun and the consistency of your shots, It is very nice to have espicially when shooting from afar.

    5. A drop forward is not necessary but nice to have. It doen't really improve the performance of your gun. It is just a personal preference. All it does is drop the air tank (which is mounted on the back of your gun) forward so you can keep your gun closer to your shoulder when playing.

    6. Electric hoppers aren't a must but with the fast firing response trigger I would suggest an electric hopper. They are like normal hoppers but have a little wheel that cycles your paintballs into your gun. With regular hoppers, there is nothing to feed your paintballs into your gun except for gravity therefore it may not be able to feed the paintballs as fast as you can fire but an electric hopper usually will.

    7. Yes ive seen scopes on Tippmann's. They aren't really necessary but they are an upgrade. They are pretty pointless in speedball, but do sometimes help in woodsball. Again a personal preference.

    So that covers the most important upgrades you should get for your tippmann. Before anything else, BUY A NEW BARREL. The stock is horrible and that should be the very first thing you buy. After that the order doesn't really matter, the respons trigger is nice to have so I suggest buying that second if you can.

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